What Happens To A Green Card During A Divorce?

Divorce is an emotionally devastating event in your life. People process it through stages like they do when they are grieving. Some of the foundational elements of your life have been uprooted, and you are confused, worried, and scared about how to move forward.  Some people, sadly, are simply in bad marriages and are eager to start a new life as an individual. These people can often feel trapped. As much as they Read More

Why SIJS Cases Start In State Courts

In previous posts, we explained what Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) is, who is eligible for it, and the process for obtaining it. If you missed it, you can read it here. In short, it is a process that involves a juvenile court on the state level. This is somewhat unique because the path to immigration typically goes through a federal court. In an SIJS case, a juvenile court decides that reuniting a child Read More

Recognizing & Stopping Parental Alienation

The grieving process associated with divorce is as emotionally complex as experiencing the death of a loved one. You are learning to cope with the end of your marriage, and many people are brave enough to connect with a mental health professional to help them process their pain. Parents face the immense challenge of supporting and nurturing their children during this time. Although no one expects you to shield your Read More

Modifying An Existing Child Support Order

People can make the mistake of being short-sighted during the divorce process. It is understandable because you are eager to finalize the process and begin moving forward. This can manifest in many ways. For instance, when you craft a parenting plan, how far ahead are you looking? A plan that accommodates a three-year-old child may not work when the child ages and begins attending school.  Life changes, and you will Read More

The Benefits Of Having A High-Net-Worth Divorce Attorney

At Csépes Law Offices, we have extensive experience with high-asset divorces and have written about them previously. One of the points we made was that high-asset divorces follow the same process as a “regular” divorce. In other words, no law states that if your assets are worth a certain amount, you must file in a court designated to handle these cases. Some firms (like ours) advertise they have experience with Read More

Non-Citizens Must Be Aware of Victim-Based Immigration

Everyone non-citizen should understand what victim-based immigration is and how they can obtain a U visa. If you haven’t heard of them, you aren’t alone. To give you a clearer picture, imagine an undocumented person living in this country. Unfortunately, this person becomes a victim of a violent crime. This undocumented person is in a difficult position because they likely don’t want to have any contact with the Read More

Attorney Kiomeiry Csépes honored at Rutgers Law Camden’s 2022 Distinguished Alumni Awards and Scholarship Benefit

On October 27th, more than 145 alumni, faculty, students, and guests gathered to honor three outstanding Rutgers Law Camden alumni, including our very own Kiomeiry Csépes, at the 2022 Distinguished Alumni Awards and Scholarship Benefit. “Remembering the Past and Forging Our Future” was the theme for this year’s event. Check out the pictures and press release below! Read the press release>>   Read More

Failing To Pay Child Support In New Jersey

As a parent who has gone through a divorce, you may rely on child support payments to help raise your child. Even if you are not reliant on them, they are court-ordered payments that have to be made. Some spouses neglect their responsibilities deliberately, and others either lose a job, become seriously ill, or have other financial emergencies that render them unable to pay. Despite the reason for the late payments, Read More

Attorney Kiomeiry Csépes was featured on Rutgers Law School’s podcast, The Power of Attorney.

Attorney Kiomeiry Csépes was featured on Rutgers Law School's podcast, The Power of Attorney.  Below are more details regarding her appearance.Starting Your Own Law Firm, with Kiomeiry Csepes RLAW'13 | Kiomeiry Csepes RLAW'13 joins Co-Dean Kimberly Mutcherson to share about what it was like starting a law firm, the importance of representation beyond affinity groups, and the challenges of owning a business at the Read More

Correcting A Drastic Misconception About Immigration

Although the term is offensive to many, there is a widespread belief that having an “anchor baby” is a means to circumvent the immigration process. This is inaccurate, and the myth surrounding this notion impacts how we view people. There are those who speak out against immigration and perpetuate this myth, and others falsely assume they can become U.S. citizens by having a child here.  Why Do People Believe Read More