Competency & Guardianship

When you are in a situation where you have a family member who is unable to fully care for themselves, you need to understand how you are able to get them the help they need. In some situations, this means setting up a legal guardianship so that the proper care can be provided based on the unique situation of the ward (the person for whom the guardian is caring). In some cases, establishing a guardian is an obvious Read More

Who Can Seek Asylum?

Living in safety is a basic human right. Unfortunately, the world is not always a peaceful or friendly place. Each year, many people arrive in the U.S. knowing that they may be persecuted if they return home due to their race, religion, or even political opinions. Some face harassment and discrimination, while others face torture and even death. The United Nations Convention against Torture is an international human Read More

When To Seek A Post-Judgment Modification

For anyone who is going through a divorce, they have an end goal in mind. When everything is finalized, then your new life will begin. However, things can still change after your divorce has been completed.  That fact wasn’t supposed to add stress to your life or take away the thing you see as the finish line—just the opposite. Your ability to modify something after a judgment has been handed down should eliminate Read More

Understanding Guardianship

Guardianship is not the same thing as custody. Guardianship refers to the ability of one person to have the legal capacity to make decisions on behalf of someone else. A typical and prime example of this would be an incapacitated or special needs adult. However, it is crucial to recognize that guardianship applies to children as well. Because people can become guardians over children, it is easy to see how it can be Read More

How To Help Your Kids After A Divorce

Processing the loss of a marriage is as challenging for adults as it is for children. Both kids and parents had imagined a future that is no longer going to come into fruition. To help you through this time in your life, consider talking to a mental health professional who can assist you with processing your emotions. The same goes for your children.  However, there are simple steps you can take to make the Read More

Understanding Best Interests

One of the most emotionally charged elements of the divorce process is determining child custody. You, your former spouse, and your attorneys will discuss legal custody and physical custody.  Legal custody pertains to decision-making, predominantly those regarding religion, medical treatment, and education. Physical custody determines where the child lives and how their time will be split between the parents.  There Read More

What Is Special Immigrant Juvenile Status?

Some children, sadly, experience neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Some of these minors are not citizens of the United States. The Special Immigrant Juvenile classification is meant for these people. The result is that children can become legal permanent residents. This is someone who holds a “green card.” Another powerful offshoot of this benefit is that the applicant can also apply for work authorization in the Read More

When Your Former Spouse Stops Paying Support

Financial insecurity is very real, especially after a divorce. If you are reading this, you are likely concerned with the following: Your ex has stopped paying child support You are worried about the possibility of your ex not paying child support Regardless of why you are concerned, knowing your options will help to get your child support back—or it will put you at ease. If it does happen, you have formulated a Read More

What Is A Legal Permanent Resident?

A legal permanent resident is not the same thing as being a citizen. But it is a step towards becoming one. When you hear people mention that they have or desire a “green card,” it means they are seeking to become a legal permanent resident. These are issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Why Be A Legal Permanent Resident When you obtain this status, you gain a significant amount of Read More

Things You Should Know About Child Custody In New Jersey

Divorce is a considerable stressor, and part of the reason for that is because it doesn’t solely impact just you and your spouse—your children are involved too. If you’ve ever worried about whether you were going to lose your kids in the process of a divorce, you’re not alone.  Perhaps one of the best remedies for the anxiety and worry you are feeling is to sit down, take a breath, and get familiar with the child Read More