The Benefits Of Having A High-Net-Worth Divorce Attorney

At Csépes Law Offices, we have extensive experience with high-asset divorces and have written about them previously. One of the points we made was that high-asset divorces follow the same process as a “regular” divorce. In other words, no law states that if your assets are worth a certain amount, you must file in a court designated to handle these cases. Some firms (like ours) advertise they have experience with Read More

Non-Citizens Must Be Aware of Victim-Based Immigration

Everyone non-citizen should understand what victim-based immigration is and how they can obtain a U visa. If you haven’t heard of them, you aren’t alone. To give you a clearer picture, imagine an undocumented person living in this country. Unfortunately, this person becomes a victim of a violent crime. This undocumented person is in a difficult position because they likely don’t want to have any contact with the Read More

Failing To Pay Child Support In New Jersey

As a parent who has gone through a divorce, you may rely on child support payments to help raise your child. Even if you are not reliant on them, they are court-ordered payments that have to be made. Some spouses neglect their responsibilities deliberately, and others either lose a job, become seriously ill, or have other financial emergencies that render them unable to pay. Despite the reason for the late payments, Read More

Correcting A Drastic Misconception About Immigration

Although the term is offensive to many, there is a widespread belief that having an “anchor baby” is a means to circumvent the immigration process. This is inaccurate, and the myth surrounding this notion impacts how we view people. There are those who speak out against immigration and perpetuate this myth, and others falsely assume they can become U.S. citizens by having a child here.  Why Do People Believe Read More

The Importance Of Clear Titles In Real Estate

When you have a clear title on your property, there is no doubt as to who owns it. In other words, after you close on a residential property, you have assurances that no other party has a claim on it. This can be a relatively confusing concept for someone who has never owned a home before, but here are a few examples of why a private citizen or a government entity would make a claim on your house after you buy Read More

Family-Owned Businesses & Divorce

High-net-worth divorces present unique challenges mainly due to the nature of the assets involved. Attorneys who have experience handling them possess the ability not only to understand the value of an asset but the amount it can appreciate over time. Why is this important? Your assets will be subject to equitable distribution when you get divorced in New Jersey. Although this does not guarantee a 50/50 split, it Read More

Relief From Removal Proceedings

Removal proceedings are hearings where a judge concludes whether a non-U.S. citizen can continue living in the United States. Understandably, the possibility of facing these can be highly stressful. But it is essential to know that there are various kinds of relief from removal that non-citizens can qualify for. During the removal proceedings (and before a conclusion has been reached), the Immigration Judge (IJ) Read More

What Is High-Net-Worth Divorce?

There are no set rules that state if you are worth a certain amount, you need to pursue a high-net-worth divorce. Instead of a specific definition, we will outline why these divorces are more complicated than others. Having an attorney who understands how to facilitate and manage challenges during a high-net-worth divorce can pay dividends.  Furthermore, don’t be quick to dismiss this topic because you don’t think Read More

The “Stop-Time Rule” For Non-Lawful Permanent Residents

Non-lawful permanent residents (LPR) live under the intense pressure of knowing that they are not guaranteed to stay within the United States. Despite your desire to remain in the country, there may come a time when you must face removal proceedings. However, you could have options to consider. Not only is it possible to cancel the removal proceedings, but you can also seek an adjustment of status if you and your Read More

Dividing Your Home During A Divorce

There are several hurdles to overcome during your divorce. Regardless of how your marriage ended, you and your former spouse spent the time you had together making your lives better and building a future. There’s peace of mind in knowing that you have a significant amount of equity built in your home—or that you have funded your retirement plan accordingly. But now that you are going through a divorce, you have the Read More