Victim-Based Immigration

Securing Refuge and a Better Future For You

Csépes Law Offices firmly believes in the version of America that generously opens her arms to immigrants of all ethnicities, races, religions, creeds, and other groups who are fleeing dangerous situations in foreign states. U.S. immigration laws allow relief for these beleaguered individuals, but it takes a knowledgeable and skilled attorney to guide these cases to a successful outcome. Through her many intimate experiences with the country’s immigration system, Attorney Kiomeiry Csépes can help with the following situations:

  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Visas for certain unaccompanied minors
  • Affirmative and Defensive Asylum cases
  • Derivative Refugee Status cases for family members
  • Cases involving U.N. Convention Against Torture
  • U visas for abused victims who aid law enforcement
  • Victims eligible for protection under Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

These are very serious issues, and we approach each victim-based immigration case with the appropriate level of care, gravity, and resolve. We understand that a great sense of urgency is needed if you are in danger; please get in touch with our firm soon so we can begin working on your case.