Coronavirus and Immigration: How you may be impacted

Four Ways Coronavirus May Impact Your Immigration Situation As the United States responds to coronavirus, many immigrants are feeling frightened and confused about how this will impact them. While things are changing quickly and it’s difficult to be certain of what we can expect, our team is here for you and wants to help. In today’s blog, we’re looking at a few of the ways COVID-19 has affected the immigration Read More

Filing For a Marriage-Based Green Card? Here is What You Will Need to Provide.

In the State of New Jersey, marriage-based green cards offer immigrants a viable option for establishing and maintaining legal residency. A marriage-based green card offers the person in question the ability to live and work in the United States, travel internationally, and re-enter the US legally and it is a pathway to Citizenship. When marrying a US Citizen, there are no limits on the number of marriage-based green Read More

Protect Your Children and Assets in the Face of Deportation

Many immigrants are justifiably concerned about protecting any assets they may have in this country, and even more worried about the future of their minor children here. Fortunately, there are some options you can take to provide for the well-being of your children and the security of your property, such as establishing a Power of Attorney. Establishing a Power of Attorney can prove critical as you navigate the Read More